To me, Henry rifles are poetry in motion, and almost mystical. These have been in the works for some time now and Henry Repeating Arms has created a badass rifle . The best scope for a lever-action rifle is going to be the one that best suits that rifles mission,just like every other weapon platform. and the bottom features a steel-bodied flush-fit detachable magazine (4-round in .308) with a steel floorplate and a blackened steel release button on the right side of the receiver . All reviews were excellent, including accuracy at longer ranges (technically "mid-range" to long range enthusiasts). dovetail rail upgrades cut for use with both Picatinny and Weaver attachments. These Cookies should be enabled to allow us to enhance your experience of (2) $49.72 New. This trim rifle comes in at 7 pounds, an easy addition for treks across the backcountry. In order to fire the gun, you need to squeeze the lever against the stock. The Glock 43: Battle Of The Midgets! Realistically, how many targets might I need to engage in a short time? Some folks wonder if a lever gun takes a different red dot sight, LPVO, etc. Over the past two decades, Henrys offerings have swelled to over 150 different models including shotguns and high-power rifle calibers. In my area, they are in every gunshop at very reasonable prices. Now I dont think so. . Since I will be exclusively shooting this with a red dot, I was fine with losing my front sight. and the Cheaper Than Dirt symbol are registered trademarks of Direct Investments LTD. America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter, Henry AR-7 US Survival Rifle .22 LR Magazine 8 Rounds 2 pk. Thats as true with an old lever gun as it is with a brand spankin new Glock.; . The Taylor Tuned rifles and pistols Ive shot have yet to need the same kind of attention. glock 19 magazine for sale. AR-7 Magazine for Henry Survival Rifles . Intl. Taylors, Girard noted, is ideally suited to bring in a wide variety of guns, make sure those guns are flawless and functional, and provide the individualized attention to the customers that makes the company a go-to for the cowboys, the historians, and those of us who just appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of a well-made gun. Some people have gone the extra mile and modified their guns, or in this case handguards as well, to get a certain look and feel out of their rifle. With the rotating bolt locking into the barrel . The slowdowns, though, havent changed anything about the way Taylors responds to their customers. I hunt in Arkansas. I had an old Colt Python, once, and a Colt 1911 that was made in 1913, and both of those were exquisite guns. That, then, leads us back to the far more common debate about the relative value and quality of pretty much all opticsalmost any of which will be superior to a typical lever guns buckhorn style, ghost ring, or peep sight arrangement. The Long Ranger line is, as its name implies, meant for long-range shooting. No personal data is ever sent to us. The .308 Winchester cartridge may not have the lengthy pedigree of something like .30-30, but its rather meteoric rise to widespread success since its introduction in 1952 certainly wasnt a mistake or a fluke. He had to cut an inch off near the back of the handguard and reweld it back up. henry survival rifle extended magazine. . Disclaimer. Good Afternoon, Wanted to send you a picture of my wife, Jacqueline, first buck. Seated at the bench from a distance of 100 yards the 1886 loaded with Mead Industries 45-90 300 grain RNFP delivered average 5-shot groups of 3.6-inches. The flush-mounted blackened steel release button drops a 4-round box . Description. Other favored rounds include the .44 and .357 Magnum. Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. Beautifull workmanship, great trigger action, very smooth shooting and really nice wood. When Sergio Leone and his cohort moved on, the guns stayed. Most mags are so marked. If you want a polished, almost glass-like blue, you have to sand down the surface. Theyre adjustable for elevation, in that old-fashioned way, and windage is left to guesswork. Swivel Studs. If for any (I would have bought a Henry lever action anyway, but not necessarily for hunting.) The nature of the .308 round makes it more cumbersome in a lever-action, and the pressures of a .308 lead to a heavy and overbuilt receiver that doesn't fit the 'brush gun' picture modern levers do. We've developed the Henry Long Ranger to stretch the envelope in a design that takes the hunt to the fur in popular calibers at longer distances. It would be easy to make set-about guns (the kids you like to look at), and it would be equally easy to cater to the SASS crowd onlybut Taylors also sells to customers like me. Uncategorized. Theres a sequence, though, that requires that you push one round in almost all the way before using the next round to finish the push that makes the process easier. . It goes beyond bead-blasting or machine work and has to be done by hand. The gun features a six-lug rotary bolt, aerospace aluminum construction, a free-floated barrel, and a five-round detachable box magazine instead of the more traditional tube mag. The gun weighs in under 8 pounds, too. I have seen it measured between 5.5lbs all the way up to a high of 7.25lbs. Versatility is a huge aspect to consider when purchasing a new firearm for hunting, and the Henry Long Ranger in .308 is about as versatile as it gets. There has not until recently been a way to accessorize one that works well. This is a take down lever action rifle with short optic rail. The sights that came on it are just superb. And thats assuming they maintain a cheek weld throughout. When Henry first introduced the Long Ranger series, it released models in the time-proven calibers of .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, and .308 Winchester; this gave shooters options for everything from varmints to elk. Will you need to add a padded cheek rest? Thank you for making such a fine American Rifle. than a bolt gun or semi-auto like the AR15 platform guns. Save big on a new henry long ranger. can be readily achieved with very little work. Theres a depth to the finish that is both protective and hypnotic. As you move a little bit rearward along the handguard, you can see the new screw position that bolts to the barrel attachment point. receipt, and we'll cover the cost of return shipping. This 1892 Alaskan is chambered in .44 Rem Magnum so I could suppress it with my Osprey 45. If youve not run a lever-action rifle, Id suggest you give it a try. For a brush-gun, nothing beats the speed of good iron sights. Henry sells those as an extra. Covering everything from coyotes to moose . This model is designed with a round, free-floating sporter barrel and an oil-finished American walnut stock. I think the sharp shoulder on the Creedmoor is an invitation to feed issues. Theres a historical quality to this rifle, but this Taylors 1873 Checkered Straight Stock Rifle ishands downthe most handsome rifle Ive ever had the pleasure of reviewing, and it is built to be used, too. Granted, it would likely be easier than it is nowin 2021, but still. Everyone knows that lever guns are antiquated and useless, dont they? At first glance, the Long Ranger may seem like your typical, traditional lever action rifle with its forged steel lever and exposed hammer, but theres a lot more going here once you take a look inside the receiver. This model has a ramp front sight with .062\" ivory bead and a . Right out of the box the Winchester 1886 Short Rifle is a beautiful gun. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a model chambered in 45-90. The recoil pad is the classic curved style and made from crescent metal in keeping with the original design. Also, I would like it if the loading port was on the left-hand side of the receiver rather than on the right. When the trigger is pulled, the rifle will go off, and that's the only time. I own an AR15 and do not like that anywhere near as much as my Henry. If your revolver was chambered in .45 Colt, your rifle could be, too. Weve developed the Henry Long Ranger to stretch the envelope in a design that takes the hunt to the fur in popular calibers at longer distances. Not as such, he said. Sale. I already have a 12ga break-action Winchester 37, and with all due respect to break-actions, I just dont like the single-shot guns. They begin with addressing some of the parts that are most stressed on high-use guns. The mottled colors range from gold to purple to black, all in rather muted shades. If the barrel was shorter, the pressure of the cartridge would be too much for the Osprey45. The follower can even be seen under the bolt when it is closed, which is a great indicator of an empty mag and an almost empty rifle. Been thinking about purchasing one of these, and was looking for a larger magazine.anyone know if they make one? I have never really noticed recoil reduction before on pistol caliber rifles or even while suppressing a 12ga shotgun or rifle in either 5.56 or .308. A Marlin 336 and Winchester 1873 will each require a different mount than an old Winchester M94, for instance, due to the way they drilled and tapped (or not) and where they eject. Write For Us. HENRY LONG RANGER . These cookies allow us to share your visiting habits to our 3rd parties for marketing purposes. AR Parts Holsters Magazines Range Gear Optics Knives & Tools Hunting Gear Cleaning Supplies Shop All. The Henry Long Ranger .308win with Open Sights has landed! No, youre not going to get mind-blowing sub-half-MOA precision out of a lever, but who cares? They took their 464 lever action and added a railed handguard as well as an AR-15 style carbine stock for adjustable length of pull and threaded the barrel. Felt recoil is best described as manageable. Red dots seem to work the best on a lever action rifle. I can add lights and lasers or even a bipod now. Ruger American Predator: A Surgical Tack-Driver! The Taylors Alaskan Takedown, Girard said, shows Taylors dedication to quality and functionalitywith only an homage to the history. So are there more like this coming? Thats what many people are searching for on the interwebz, whether theyre building out their lever gun to fight/defend or hunt with. I would also like a Magpul SGA-style stock rather than the old-timey stock it has now. I picked it yesterday and I couldnt be any happier. This gun performs well, impacts targets accurately, and hits hard enough to get the job done and then some. 15 models TRYBE Defense AR-15 Extended Grasp 10-Round Magazine (5) As Low As . steve morris obituary,
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